LED Moving Head Magic Ball

Technical Specifications:
– Beam Aperture: 4.5°
– 82% optic Efficiency
– High-efficiency 94 mm PMMA Optics

Light Source:
– 12 Multi-chip 30 Watt LED Sources
– Light Output: up to 10,500 Lumen
– Rated Sources Life: up to 50.000 Hours
– Flicker free Sources Management,
   suitable for TV Applications and all Video recorded Events

– Continuous PAN and TILT Rotation
– Extremely accurate Positioning
– Moving-head operated via either 8 or 16 bit Resolution
– High-resolution stepper Motors operated via Microprocessors ensure extreme Accuracy
   and smooth Movements.
– PAN and TILT automatic Repositioning

– Sophisticated 4 Colours RGBW mixed, reaching high Colour Rendering Index
– Uniform Light Beam with no Colour Shadows, and rich saturated and pastel Colour-hues
– 4.29 Billion Colours (8 bit Resolution)
– virtual Colour Wheel, including most usuals white Colour Temperature Presets
– dynamic Colour macro Effect with variable Speed

Dimmer / Strobe:
– Electronic Dimmer, allowing perfect Light Adjustment from 0 to 100% without colour variation
– White or Colour Strobe Effect, with Speed Adjustment from 1 to 25 Flashes per Second

– DMX 512 Protocol, through DMX Cable or wireless System
– Stand-alone mode and Master/Slave modes
– Choice of 3 DMX modes (from 18 to 64 DMX Channels)

Power Supply:
– Electronic Supply with active PFC
– 110 to 240 Volts – 50/60Hz
– Power 400 Watt max

Software Facilities:
– Local DMX addressing of the Luminaire and its optional Parameters through its built
-in LCD Panel Control
– Remote DMX addressing of the Luminaire and its optional Parameters through a standard RDM DMX Controller
– Built-in Pattern Effects with Speed and fade Controls for scenic Applications
– Information Menu including Hour Counter, Temperature, Software Version

Cooling System:
– Advanced Cooling System
– Self adjusting variable Speed Fans for quiet Operation (Auto Mode)
– Selectable auto, Stage & Studio ventilation Modes – Safety Protection against Temperatures Excesses

– Moving-head Skeleton made of Aluminium and steel metal Plates
– Heatsinks in Aluminium, satin Finish
– Moulded Covers in selft-extinguishing fire Retardant ABS PC (V0 class)
– two sides Handles for Transportation
– four strong wide Feet for better Stability
– IP20 Protection Rating
– Exterior Finish: black (Carbon) Operating

– Operating Positions: all (Device on floor or fixed to a Support)
– Maximum permitted Ambient Temperature (Ta max): 45°C (113°F)
– Minimum permitted Ambient Temperature (Ta min): -10°C (14°F)
– Minimum usage Distance: 0.2 m (8 Inches)

Size & Weight:
– Product: 43 x 59 x 36 cm – Products Weight: 25.1 kg

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